Information Dissemination

We have totally 26 specialized channels collecting and broadcasting the latest news, cases, projects, cooperation opportunities, new products, technical solutions, etc. At the meantime, we also have a professional editing team consists of nearly one hundred senior editors. They closely track the latest trends, and provide newest resources and ideas from very specialized angle to our web users.

  • Information can be promoted to every hot spot

  • Comprehensive enterprise information

Videos Broadcast

We have professional video production team to create original spot broadcasting videos about architectural news, theme activities, company show, interviews, lectures, etc. Millions of our web users can enjoy these at the same time.

Zhulong Videos channel

  • Interviews

  • Events live show

Promotion on Weibo

Zhulong Architecture Channel Official Weibo has 67,000 followers Enter

Our specialized channels had built their own official Weibo and attracted lots of followers. Those Weibo own the largest group of followers among their fields. We can use these Weibo to send the latest information, ideas, designers’ opinions, the latest products and techniques to end users in no time.

  • Zhulong-Construction Costs Channel-Official Weibo Enter
  • Zhulong-Structural Design Channel - Official Weibo Enter
  • Zhulong-Lighting Channel - Official Weibo Enter
  • Zhulong-Transportation & Infrastructure Channel - Official Weibo Enter
  • Zhulong- Supervision Channel - Official Weibo Enter
  • Zhulong- Electromechanical Equipment Channel - Official Weibo Enter
  • Zhulong Interior Design Channel Official Weibo has 64,000 followers Enter

  • Zhulong Landscape Design Channel Official Weibo has 30,000 followers Enter

Zhulong Online Community

Zhulong Online Community’s functions include bulletin board system, weibo, blog, etc. Furthermore, our weibo can be linked to other main stream weibo and realize information synchronization and sharing. Companies can communicate with all our users directly and launching their marketing work.

Zhulong weibo-specialized architectural weibo

  • Zhulong community- most popular specialized architectural BBS

  • Zhulong Blog- specialized architectural blog

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